Duke Thomson's organizing a dedicated FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY CONCLAVE

Being a Pioneer in providing Accurate, Affordable, Easy to use, Reliable and Rapid Food Safety Solutions, Duke Thomson's (distributor of Unisensor products in India) took the lead in organizing a dedicated FOOD SAFETY AND QUALITY CONCLAVE in November 2019.


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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), the regulatory body of Indian Food Industry, on its part is trying to improve the quality of food products manufactured, marketed/consumed at every stage from farm to fork.

Dependence on Ready to Eat Processed foods and Consumer awareness made it relevant!

There are a lot of concern among the food processing Industry and QA/QC teams on how to comply with the regulations right from the Sample Collection to screening of Antibiotic Residues /Mycotoxins / Allergens/Pathogens etc. in various food matrices.

Protecting the Brand Image has become very critical! Market pressure drives the processors to look for more cost effective quality monitoring solutions to maintain end product quality. Traditional methods are time consuming as stock holding involves huge financial burden.

Who Attended?

  • M.D, C.E.O, C.S.O
  • Q.A/Q.C / Production/Processing/Hygiene Managers
  • Government Food Safety Officers /
  • Certification/Accreditation/Inspection Bodies
  • Food Safety Consultants, Food & Dairy Professionals & Specialists
  • Officers/Auditors- FSMS, Researchers/Academicians, Associates,
  • Supply Chain Heads/Managers


Source : http://foodsafetyconclave.com