Unisensor in 2024 - A Year of Innovation and Quality

Have you ever considered the impact of quality and safety in the agri-food and veterinary industry?

At Unisensor, these concepts are at the core of our mission. As this new year begins, we are eager to share with you the advancements and innovations that highlight our ongoing commitment to excellence and quality.

What makes Unisensor a leader in contaminant detection?

The answer is simple: our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with quality products. Whether you are in the dairy, cereal, apiculture, animal feed, meat industry, or in the veterinary field, our expertise covers a wide range of products.

But how do we maintain this promise of quality?

ISO 9001 v2015 Excellence: More Than a Certificate, A Philosophy!

For about a decade, our ISO 9001 v2015 certification is not just a trophy on our walls, it's the reflection of our daily dedication to the quality of our products. This standard is integrated into every aspect of our work, from responding to client requests to producing reliable and safe solutions.

Meet Coralie PainIMG_5706

The New Face of Customer Support

Do you know who is behind the speed and efficiency of our customer service?

We are proud to introduce Dr. Coralie Pain, our new Customer Support Manager. With her experience and commitment, Coralie is determined to ensure that each interaction aimed at solving a problem or fulfilling a request is conducted in a positive and efficient manner.

An Almost Non-Existent Complaint Rate:

How Do We Achieve It?

Do you think a complaint rate of less than 0.01% is possible? At Unisensor, it's our reality, thanks to our values of Respect, Accountability, Solution Orientation, Team Spirit, and Integrity. These principles are not just words, but the backbone of our corporate culture.

Quality at the Heart of Everything:

Our Supplier Management System

Have you ever wondered how we guarantee the superior quality of our raw materials? A rigorous management system of our suppliers is the key. We ensure that each component we use meets our most stringent standards.

25 Years of Innovation:

A Tradition That Continues

What are the latest Unisensor innovations that could transform the way you work?

Come discover revolutionary products like the DipSensor and soon learn more about the Aurox, our latest innovation, by visiting our website www.unisensor.be.

If you're not yet a client, now is the time to join a community that has trusted our offerings for over two decades.

In 2024…

IMG_5710Unisensor is committed to going even further in innovation and quality. Join us on this exciting journey and discover how we can contribute together to a safer, healthier, and greener future.

Do you have questions or want to learn more about our products and services? Do not hesitate to contact us directly. Your opinion is also our priority!

Quirynen Julien
Head of Quality and Global Performance Manager at Unisensor