Unisensor in the Forefront Against Antimicrobial Resistance

The World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, observed from November 18th to 24th, reminds us of the crucial need for vigilance in our food consumption and production practices. It's an opportune moment to highlight how Unisensor is making a significant contribution to this cause by providing advanced rapid tests and devices to detect antibiotic residues, especially in milk and meat.

Antibiotic resistance, often invisible yet pervasive, is a growing concern in our society. It raises fundamental questions about how we produce and consume our food.

Unisensor is establishing itself as a key player in this dialogue by offering tangible solutions. Our tests and devices do more than just detect; they represent a significant advance in preserving the quality and safety of our food chain.


Our products play a vital role in quality assurance from farm to table. They enable producers to ensure that their food products are free from harmful contaminants.

Take the example of Jean, a farmer who uses our tests to ensure his milk is free of antibiotics:

"Before, I always feared that, despite my precautions, antibiotic residues could end up in my milk. Now, I sleep peacefully, knowing that my products are healthy and safe."

During this awareness week, we invite everyone to consider the impact of our choices and how we can all contribute to a healthier future. At Unisensor, we are proud to provide tools that help make this future a reality.

By sharing this article, you are helping to raise awareness on a major public health issue. Each informed individual contributes to a collective awareness. With Unisensor, let's move together towards a world where food quality and safety are the norm, not the exception.