Unisensor on BFM Business: Innovation in the service of food safety

We are delighted to announce that our Managing Director, Benoit Granier, and our Sales Manager, Nicolas Matter, were recently interviewed on the Focus Entreprise programme on BFM Business.


Unisensor stands out for its innovations in the analysis of food contaminants.

Established in 1997 in Belgium, our expertise initially centered on antibiotic detection, especially in milk. Over time, we've expanded our reach to various agri-food industries, all while upholding our primary mission: to deliver field-ready solutions built on a strong scientific foundation.

Our commitment doesn't stop there. Beyond reinvesting a significant portion of our profits into innovation, we are deeply dedicated to sustainable development initiatives, particularly in reducing carbon footprints and waste management. 

Read the article and watch the full interview to find out more about our background and future prospects.

We would like to thank BFM Business for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to innovate for a safer, more sustainable future.