Unisensor presents milk analysis portfolio at IDF WDS 2019 in Istanbul

We had a lot of visitors this year in Istanbul and we talk with them about how to maximize dairy products quality, from risk analysis to daily screening, with all the milk testing solutions that Unisensor can offer.

Unisensor was participating to the International Dairy Federation World Dairy Summit, with more than 2.000 participants from all over the world.

Every year, this event is a unique opportunity for industry experts to share their knowledge of dairy.


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2019-09-23 09.02.2703 - IDF WDS 2019 Istanbul
2019-09-25 09.27.44 - IDF WDS 2019 Istanbul
2019-09-25 07.03.31 - IDF WDS 2019 Istanbul
2019-09-25 13.39.16 - IDF WDS 2019 Istanbul
2019-09-24 09.05.09 - IDF WDS 2019 Istanbul