Unisensor - Solutions for the milk value chain

How Unisensor provides tailored diagnostic solutions to meet the needs of each stakeholder in the milk value chain, from farmers to analysis laboratories, to ensure compliance with quality and food safety standards.


BAT 3 UNISENSOR • BELGIAN RESEARCH 2023 NVUnisensor is a company that aims to provide tailored technology solutions to all actors in the milk value chain, including farmers, transporters, dairies, and analysis laboratories.

We offer antibiotic diagnostic kits, such as DipSensor, for farmers that take a sample and provide results in 10 minutes at ambient temperature without needing any electric power. 

For transporters and dairies, Unisensor has a standard test range called Sensor that detects several parameters, including different families of antibiotics.

These measurements are essential for dairies, which must comply with very precise European standards in terms of maximum residue limits in milk. This is obvious when you know that antibiotics slow down or even destroy the action of the lactic ferments used to make fermented products from milk.

That's why we also offer Extenso, which helps to control contamination and fermentation processes by detecting 17 families of antibiotics and various toxins and adulterants, with results known in just 13 minutes. 

Analytical laboratories use Unisensor's automated platform named Beadyplex, which can analyze a hundred samples within an hour and a half.

And we continue to develop new diagnostic test platforms and expand ours activity to double our turnover in five years and enter new markets, leveraging our expertise in gold nanoparticles, with the company Nano Flow.

Unisensor is committed to getting as close to the farmer and the field as possible, and we have established ourselves as a preferred partner for major dairy companies like Nestlé, Lactalis, and Danone.

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