Validation Of The EXTENSO By ILVO

ILVO Antibiotic Detection Lab has received prestigious AFNOR recognition for validation of test kits and has begun a validation study of the EXTENSO.


ILVO Receives Prestigious AFNOR Recognition

ILVO Antibiotic Detection Lab has received prestigious AFNOR recognition for validation of test kits.

The ILVO lab for screening of antibiotic residues will now perform validation tests for antibiotic kits under the norms of the prestigious AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation). 

Validation Of The EXTENSO

Unisensor is proud to be the first company that ILVO has started the process with.

Wim Reybroeck, head of the ILVO lab for screening for antibiotic residues, has begun a validation study of the EXTENSO (conceived by Unisensor), a multiplex rapid screening platform for more than 100 antibiotic residues, aflatoxin M1 and melamine in milk, performed in 13 minutes.

Extenso validation by ILVO

A validation study tests the detection capacity, the specificity/selectivity, the application (on a certain matrix) and the robustness of a given qualitative screening test. Validation is important to show that a test works well in a certain matrix. The government and the food industry make use of these validation studies when choosing a test to use.

Now an NF Validation label can be obtained because the test kits are subjected to the tight AFNOR procedure. The label guarantees that a group of external experts has supervised the performance of the procedure and the reporting of the validation.

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About ILVO : The ILVO lab, located in Melle (around Ghent) has been a leader in the detection of residues of veterinary medicines for years, using screening tests as well as chromatography (LC-MS/MS). This high-tech method not only identifies the residues but also quantifies them. The lab has a long tradition of performing validation studies from microbiological, immuno- or receptor tests for the monitoring of antibiotic residues in food products of animal origin such as milk, meat, fish, eggs and honey, but also in matrices such as water.

ILVO press release - Friday, October 6, 2017