Antibiotics and contaminants test kits for food validated by ILVO

ILVO (AFNOR and AOAC expert laboratory) has validated a dozen Unisensor screening tests for the detection of various compounds (such as antibiotics, melamine and aflatoxins) in various foods (like milk and honey). View the April 2020 update.

To validate test kits, the following parameters have to be determined: detection capability, test selectivity/specificity, rate of false positive/false negative results, repeatability of the reader/test and robustness (impact of small changes in the test protocol; impact of the quality, composition or type of the matrix; impact of age of reagents; etc.). Participation in (national) ring trials is also normally included in the validation.

The main focus has been on the validation of tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk; however validation studies in other matrices (meat, honey, fish, etc.), as well as of other compounds (aflatoxins, colorants, etc.) have been performed.

Screening kits for antibiotic residues validated at ILVO

Screening kits for mycotoxins validated at ILVO

Screening kits for other compounds validated at ILVO

Screening kits for antibiotics in honey validated at ILVO


Being validated by ILVO means that ILVO carried out an independent evaluation of the test kit performed in accordance with legislation (Commission Decision 2002/657/EC, guidelines for the validation of screening methods for residues of veterinary medicines (Anon., 2010), ISO guideline (ISO, 2020; in preparation), and protocols of accreditation bodies (AFNOR, 2017; AOAC, 2018).

Source : ILVO Validated Studies (update 03 April 2020)


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